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Wes and Raven Baker


Welcome to Tall Tale Tails! 

We’re Wes and Raven Baker. 

We are so excited you’ve decided to check out our website.  

Our home is set on two acres in

McCalla, Alabama where we live 

with our pups!

Read our story below to find out why we do what we do.

In July 2017, a month after our wedding, I began my journey in chronic illness.  Even though I was thankful to finally receive a diagnoses, finding out I had Crohn’s disease was one of the most difficult moments of my life. 

In the months that followed I lost 28lbs, suffered with severe physical pain throughout my body and depression from my inability to live life normally.

I had to quit my job and even had to stay with my family during the day while Wes was at work, because I wasn’t strong or healthy enough to do everyday tasks.

Thankfully the darkest times in life usually mean a silver lining is right on the horizon!

Ollivander at 7 weeks old
Ollivander and I

In February of 2018, Wes took me on a surprise trip to Savannah, Georgia with some of our best friends to celebrate my birthday.

I had just had my first round of new medicine a few days prior and was praying it would be the one that worked. 

While on the trip I came across a breeder online from north Alabama who had standard poodle puppies ready to go home at the end of the month. 

So of course, I emailed her! She was the kindest and most helpful person I could’ve ever hoped to meet. She sent me a picture of one of the puppies that she hadn’t advertised yet and I fell in love instantly. After I showed Wes, we knew he was the one for us. 


A few weeks after our trip we brought him home! 

That pup literally brought me back to life. 

He became my constant companion. 

He ate when I ate and slept when I slept. 

He walked with me as I began to regain my strength and banished the depression that accompanied my illness.

He filled my life with new purpose and meaning. Ollivander is our pride and joy. Not only is he the best dog but he made us fall in love with the standard poodle breed! 

After much research we decided we wanted to raise standard poodles as well and become an in-home breeder. 
I'm forever thankful that my sweet husband shares the same dream as me!

We are committed to raising happy, healthy, good natured pups!

Ollivander at 9 weeks old

Our mission here at Tall Tale Tails is to give people the same miracle that I experienced when we brought Ollivander home. 


My husband and I are passionate about not only raising puppies, but connecting with people who need our puppies. 


Contact us about our discounts for Veterans, Chronic illness warriors & professional First Responders. 

- Our Future Goals -
  • A portion of profits from future sponsors/partners will go towards local animal shelters.

  • Donate one puppy per litter to service dog training (pending temperament evaluation)

  • Offer discounts to Veterans and Chronic illness warriors. 

These are goals we are actively striving to accomplish and hope to implement fully in the coming years as our program continues to grow.
Ollivander at 7 weeks old
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